Other Initiatives

Recycling Program “Selling to Save”

  • Visiting houses to educate the people to collect paper, glass and tin for recycling.
  • Money from the above to be saved by each family for which boxes have been provided.
  • Clean neighborhood.
  • Cloth bags provided for the above purpose.
  • Encourage cleanliness by making dustbins for each home as a project of the Arts & Crafts classes. Large drums are provided to use as waste bins in neighborhood streets and alleys.
  • Students distributed nets to their neighborhood fruit vendors promoting health and hygiene leading to good health in the community.

Community Service

  • Job creation and placements for the people of this area.
  • Promote the concept of saving in the area of Neelum Colony.
  • Paint and revamp the homes in the vicinity.

The Garage School Bank

TGS has introduced the TGS Bank in January 2010. Shabina promoted the habit of saving in children by encouraging them to set aside their meager pocket money in the “gullaqs” (piggy banks) at school to but what they wanted. And at the school annual function, the children got what they wanted – gold earrings and bicycles from Mobilink.

The piggy banks have now been converted into personal accounts at Bank Al Habib under the Young Savers scheme. To start an account, all the youngsters need is Rs. 5.As their deposits grow, for every Rs. 50, Shabina will add Rs. 5, and for every Rs. 100, Rs. 10. With this incentive, children are eager to save and the parents are happy that their youngsters have some money saved up in the banks for future use. “Once the children are educated, they will work towards their goals and also understand the value of money.” says Shabina.

Extra Curricular Activities

The children studying at The Garage School are deprived of the basic privileges that several of us have access to. They are unaware of the concept of entertainment as the families are barely sustaining themselves. We at The Garage School, ensure that our students get a flavor of what life has to offer. With the help of our kind benefactors, we have been able to take our students to Mcdonalds, Kids Dunya, Makli, Thatta, Lahore, beaches, museums, factory visits and several other places of learning and entertainment. This is to equip them with the needed confidence that will help them stand tall and face the world.