TGS provides its students with complete health care including vaccinations. Once a child is enrolled in the school, he/she is first sent for the ENT checkup, blood grouping and hemoglobin. This helps in determining the nutritional deficiencies in the children.

Over the years, the school has also been able to provide children with basic healthcare including vaccinations, ENT checkups as well as information on their blood groups. This has been possible because of the invaluable time and effort put in by the various experts in varied fields of medicine.

We have Dr. Khalid Bhamba , Dr. Saqib and Dr. Atiq from Fatima Dental Hospital on our panel of doctors.

TGS has made possible several successful surgeries.

  • Four Ear operations at Ahmed General Hospital by Dr. MushtaqSingapori.
  • Two laser eye treatments at Aga Khan University Hospital by Dr. Azam.
  • One appendicitis surgery at Ankle Saria Hospital.
  • Two students were taken to Chennai, India for their open-heart surgery.
  • Two open-heart surgeries done in Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi in November, 2009.
  • Three Throat surgeries for Tonsils at Ahmed General Hospital in October, 2010.
  • One Open Heart Surgery was done at Aga Khan University Hospital in September, 2011.

During the hours they are under our care, children are given wholesome, healthy nourishment through snacks like biscuits, bananas, dates and packets of milk apart from the nutrition supplements and other medicines that they need daily.

Healthcare program at TGS includes:

  • Doctor’s Visits: three days in a week for children, siblings, parents and especially elderly grandparents. Many people require x-rays, blood tests, ultrasound, etc. Free medical treatment provided at their homes
  • Ear operations are always being scheduled due to infected water; many of the children suffer from weeping ears. Hepatitis, typhoid and flu vaccines are also provided annually.
  • Dental checkup: Regular check-ups are part of the routine at TGS where students regularly visit Fatima Jinnah Dental Clinic on a regular basis.
  • Students are provided with basic nutrition such as milk, biscuits, bananas and dates on a daily basis.
  • Nutrition supplements are also given to students so as to overcome their various nutritional deficiencies.