Projects of The Garage School

Educational Program

1. Aga Khan Board 

The morning students are given formal education in all subjects, from Pre- nursery to 10th grade, preparing them to sit for Aga Khan board exam. This program not only caters to their academic development, but also social development. Extensive training is given to students regarding hygiene and social interactions.

2. Sindh Text Board

The afternoon school is regular schooling leading up to Sindh Board Exams with Urdu as the medium of communication.

3. Adult Literacy Program

Adult Literacy program is a customized 8 month program teaching basic level Urdu, Math and English to equip the students with enough education to help them in their day to day lives.

4. ‘Jugnu’ Program (Street Children Absorption Project)

Street Children Absorption Project or Jugnu Program is a fast track program which prepares children who are otherwise late for regular school enrollment to bring them at par with the grade they should be enrolled in at the given age. The program caters to the age group of 7 to 14 years of age. Aim of this program is to educate the street kids. The street children are those kids who have homes but roam around on streets all day doing nothing constructive. After being inducted in to the school, these kids are taught basic reading and writing skills. This is a one year program, after which these kids are admitted to the TGS Primary School.

Skill Development Program

Skill development programs includes sewing, embroidery, and computers to upskill the people of the area and make them self sufficient. We are also aiming to start up a carpentry workshop.