Community Uplift

All through January, Mrs. Shabina visited several homes of the students in Neelam Colony and the KMC (Karachi Municipal Corporation) Compound. She tried talking  to the parents and other family members of her students and tried to get to the root of the problems in their lives.

Poverty is the basic cause of all their domestic issues. The state of their homes was terrible. There were no windows for ventilation, barely any furniture, unpainted, barren walls and barren floor and since most homes had only one or no bed to sleep on with more than 8 members of the family living in one house, most of them slept on bare floors. Mrs. Mustafa, who calls these people her family, was so upset to see such dearth of the basic necessities. If only she had enough funds to upgrade these homes…

And since dreams do come true, the very next day, someone sent her a large used carpet that Mrs. Mustafa cut and divided amongst three families. The day after that, one of the previous volunteers at The Garage School, Huma Agha arranged sponsors to get those three houses painted and a small study area made with a little table, two chairs and a couple of shelves for the students of The Garage School. Homework will now be so much fun!!!

These are just three homes. We desperately need more donations and funds to continue upgrading these localities. Mrs. Shabina vows that she will continue her struggle for the upliftment of these neglected slums of the most elite areas of Karachi.

Please help The Garage School and Mrs. Shabina Mustafa in capturing the heart of Neelam and Shah Rasool Colonies and catching the soul of these people. Spread this ray of light in Neelam and Shah Rasool Colonies!

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