Pakistan Day Celebrations

23rd march 2012 021

The Garage School celebrated Pakistan Day on 23rd March 2012 with utmost zeal and fervor. The students of all the classes of the school participated in this program, which was organized by one of our senior teachers, Ms. Laida Rehman.

Community Services: Our 2nd Success

Zahid, a student of Grade 5 in our school has three other siblings who come to us for their education. Oldest of the 5, Zahid lives in a mere 9×9 room which includes a kitchen and a bathroom in this area.

The Garage School at Earthen


Arranged and sponsored by Sabahat Saqib of Limelight Favors, students of Grade 3 went to Earthen: Art Ceramic and Mosaic Studio for a workshop on handicrafts on 3rd March, 2012.