First School Annual Function at DHA School


Ms Sadia Naweed gave away the certificates to the first group of women who passed the adult literacy course. We are very grateful to Sadia (EBM) for providing the children with biscuits from the inception of the school. Reshma who was now able to read and write urdu, spoke very well on that occasion. Aunty […]

School Function 02/Aug/2008


The first annual function was held at the DHA Darakshan School. This function could not have been possible without the support of Mrs Kaiser and Mrs. Ramla. The function turned out to be very successful and the invitees and parents enjoyed the program. We would like to thank Mr. Jimmy Engineer who was kind enough […]

Admission Tests 18th and 19th August 2008

Admission Test 18th and 19th of August 2008

There was a stampede for admissions. Parents came along with there children as we usually interview the parents before we finally admit the child to the school. We managed to accommodate 62 children this year in both the branches.

Carpentery Classes 20th August 2008


It is mandatory for the students to join carpentry classes so that they can gain some vocational skills which would be helpful to them in the future.The carpenter is there the whole day teaching these children how to make different things.